“Standouts…Affinito is somber and resolute”
– Mercury News
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“Solo show ‘Eating pasta’ is a bittersweet delight”
-Sam Hurwitt, Marin IJ
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“4.5 out of 5 Stars…How can you not recommend a play that makes you want to tell your mom you love her?”
-Edmonton Journal
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“Balance between comedy and drama…does so in a way that finds beauty in the wreckage.”
-Vue Weekly
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“Her powerful performance will stay with you long after you leave the theatre.”
– Cassie Silva, Review Vancouver
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“Very funny, quirky, brutal, sensitive…makes life worth living.”
– Bev Siver, Plank Magazine
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“Affinito brings heart and insight.”
– Alison Mayes, Winnipeg Free Press
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“Hilarious and bittersweet, Maria Grazia Affinito spins a spellbinding tale.”
-Sam Hurwitt, SF Theater Critic
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“Affinito’s unflinching performance hit[s] all of its marks with a raw emotional power”
– Huffington Post
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“A heart-to-heart over the kitchen table… pull up a seat”
– Orlando Sentinel
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“Stunning…deeply talented…magical”
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“Loved her show”
-Review from the House
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“Maria Grazia Affinito gives a sensuous performance as a prostitute turned writer.”

“Affinito…. particularly effective”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Maria …. does wonders”
The Independent

“Maria Grazia Affinito … is spunky and bright”
Eastbay Express

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